On the Fringe of Success

Time and again it has been proven that a great sounding system in a venue keeps patrons in their seats, with smiles on their faces - and smiling patrons drink more!

So it made economic sense for Mick Roach, owner of the Fringe Bar, in Sydney, Australia, to invest in a high quality audio system for his newly refurbished premises. The bar is located in the heart of Sydney's club and fashion district, and has just received a mammoth facelift, including a premium audio system supplied and installed by Limelight.

"The Turbosound and Lab Gruppen system was designed not only to meet but exceed the venue's audio needs. This was all achieved for a relatively small premium, considering the level of performance that the system offers."

The Fringe Bar sees literally thousands of avid party-goers and casual drinkers pass through its classy doors every week, to escape from the grind of big city life. The Fringe Bar's three rooms, each with a different ambience, help to provide a suitable space and atmosphere for such an activity.

The Main Bar

Class, sophistication and energy sum up the Main Bar, and the audio system delivers just that. Utilising five TCS-59 enclosures teamed with one TQ-425 and one TQ-115 subwoofers, the system makes for the perfect musical experience, engulfing the Fringe Bar's patrons with totally clean sound - be it at low levels enjoying a casual drink with friends, or attacking the dance floor with authority when in full club mode.

"This system has headroom to burn - it just has so much to give. The enclosures look stunning, are flexible in their installation and simply sound phenomenal. The TCS range really does have a great deal to offer any venue."

The Cocktail Lounge

 The ultimate chill-out spot, the Cocktail Lounge boasts a pair of TCS-59 speakers, filling the room with clean fresh tunes, and perfecting the room's atmosphere as being THE place to unwind and drink the night away. Yet when the party comes alive, the system is more than capable of rising to the occasion.

The Function Room

The intimate function room located downstairs had just one special requirement of its audio system: it had to sound "AWESOME!" And it does. Having to cater to anything from birthdays to corporate functions, the system is a clear winner, event after event. Using a pair of TCS-35 units, complemented by an Impact 110.2 subwoofer, the room's plush furniture and acoustics help to produce a stunning audio experience.

The winning combination of Turbosound speakers, and Lab Gruppen amplifiers powering the entire system, means there is no cause for concern that the system will ever falter. The conclusion: "We have managed to design a system that consistently receives positive comments from patrons on how great it sounds. We have a happy owner of a new, world-class system that performs flawlessly night after night."